December 15, 2011


Terry Reetz

Terry Reetz is the owner of Acorn Transmission and has been working on automatic transmissions since his teens.  Born and raised in Norfolk, England, Terry moved to the States in the mid-seventies after he married his wife Karen.  On the weekend, Terry loves to fish, but only after he knows that he has fulfilled all his promises to his customers.

Bull Prevost

Knowledge of repair and replace (R&R) is important in the transmission business, and Acorn Transmission’s Bull Prevost knows this part of the industry inside and out.

Karen Reetz works in the office.  She takes care of all things financial for Acorn Transmission.  Working both in the office and from home, Karen takes pride in her work and offers perfect record-keeping services to the customers and employees.

An experienced rebuilder, Eric Pfeffer is a rebuilder with over 30 years experience. He has been with Acorn for over 10 years. His three boys, 7, 11 and 17, are his pride and joy.